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People of Southern California UNITE! A call to create the new state of Southern California!
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Map of proposed state of South California

The state of California, as we Californians have grown to know and love, no longer exists. On paper it still exists. We still have the songs like I love you California but the reality of the situation is that the states unity is on paper only. The majority of people who live in the northern part of the state HATE the people in the southern part and are embarrassingly liberal. So liberal are their beliefs and policies, that the people they place in power should be called socialists. True, there are plenty of liberals who live in the southern half, but down here a substantial conservative base balances them. However, the main problems of this state lie with those who live in the north, namely San Francisco and Sacramento. It is mainly because of California that this part of the country is deemed the left coast. Socialism for those of you who dont know is a political philosophy which strives for equality at any costs, even if it means stomping on any passed legislation by the people. For those of you who enjoy socialism and the frustration that big government gives to its constituents, you should feel comforted. Within a few years at this rate of government spending and illegal immigration, California will be no different than Sweden or France.

Socialism has high welfare doles which require high taxes to pay off the doles. This political philosophy is an anathema to domestic prosperity. Firstly, having large welfare benefits is an incentive for many NOT to go to work. If one is used to a low class lifestyle and there is little difference between a low paying job and a consistent welfare check, why should one go to work? Second, with a shrinking work force that means there are less taxes coming in, which means higher taxes for the wealthy. Third, with higher taxes and 49 other states to to choose from, investors will move their investments elsewhere or go to another country altogether. On principal, socialism is terrible for two reasons. First, this country was founded on self-government with the rejection of centralized authority. Is there any difference between a monarch and the socialist? Sure, the socialist doesnt wear a crown. Second, the socialist has no need for borders or any particular culture. The socialist believes in equality at any costs. This means that borders, language, and the homegrown culture are mainly insignificant. If one pays attention to how California has developed over the last thirty years, there is much truth in that last statement. We are engaged in a war of terror and our borders are outrageously open. English is not our primary language anymore, and if we cant communicate with ourselves how are we to continue? Our culture as an independent state within the United States gets more clouded every day. How much longer are we going to allow foreigners to come into this country ILLEGALLY, and crowd and pollute our schools and hospitals with their third-world culture? Are we going to sit back and let the greatest part of the world fall into the hands of greedy politicians and illegals or are we, THE PEOPLE going to stand firm and bring the government back to the people? This can only be done by secession, not from the union of states but from the socialism of Sacramento. How many people living in the southland have been to Sacramento? Very few, Im sure. Lets create the state of Southern California, bring the capital to San Diego, regulate our border, control the spending of our state government, and feel as if were part of some community again. No individual cannot accomplish this, but if we approach this as a community anything can be accomplished. Please think of your children, do you want them to inherit the mess that is California?

What counties would consist of Southern California? It largely relies on the people of the counties agreeing to split off from Sacramento. Considering the mess that Sacramento has made of the state, I believe the people will be inclined to split. The counties of Southern California could be Imperial, Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Sierra, and Ventura. As Californians we are all impacted by the terrible positions that Sacramento holds. The point of this split is not directed toward one particular political party, whether it be Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green, etc. The reason behind the split is bringing state government closer to the people the state governs. Sacramento is simply too distant and we should come closer as a community.

In addition we have people implanted in Sacramento that refuse to follow the peoples will. We passed Proposition 187 and the courts threw it out. Yes, an unelected state official in a robe decided to destroy the peoples will. In March of 2000, the people of California passed the Limit On Marriage Initiative which flatly disallows homosexual marriage to be recognized by the state. Four years later the mayor of San Francisco, in true socialistic fashion, decided to once again spit on the peoples will and allow homosexuals to marry. I believe people like Mayor Newsom and his ilk are deranged. They believe they are self-styled revolutionaries, who in rejecting the democratic process, rejecting the people, set themselves over us in judgment as though they are superior beings. The region if it were to be an independent state, could better control our southern border, cut the red tape on our welfare programs, and overall let us have better control of our legislature. Southern California is still one of the most beautiful regions in the world and will always draw people from all over the nation and world. Let us the people of Southern California, unite and remind the politicians who pays their salaries and bring the power back where it belongs.

Write your state representative!

Write your federal representative!